Fourth Reality

Again about Reality? It’s too much. Everybody getting bored. But I swear, sixth and seventh reality were amazing, as I was told. My friends are telling me- “it’s up to neck now”, means fed-up with the topic. Because nobody understands the subject as I do.
The fourth Reality was – co-existence of dual pole in human. A Human has both male and female properties. More female properties mean the person is a woman. A man should have 60 percent and above male properties to be a man, likewise a woman should have 60 percent and above female properties to be a woman. Let’s take if male-female properties are equal – 50-50 (or nearly 50-50 like 45-55) in a person, the person is third-gender. There was something more regarding “properties”, but I ignored all. We do not understand those now.
Darkness and brightness also exist in us. Visibility and invisibility also exist in us. Happiness and Sorrow also are two poles. Rich and poverty also are two poles, the both poles exist in us. So what? We can change some points here or we can change our life. Look at the points below (Imaginary lines):-


Don’t believe in whatever is shared here because these are notion of an old monk sitting by me. I also did not trust him since he was not rich, neither he looked happy nor he did disappear whole day long. I wanted to know about Meditation, instead he dug a hole in me. May be he was telling me about traditional Meditation system, but I wanted to know about Meditation system suitable for modern days, for us. For I told him –then I did not need anything about fifth, sixth and seventh Reality.


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