Third Reality

Reflection of oneself
Reflection of oneself

My thought is my life; your thought is your life or our inside is our outside. Our inner is our outer. As above, so below; as inside, so outside. Architect of my life – myself; you are architect of your life, what you are sculpting is you, outer you. Unbelievable! I can’t believe it but it was the truth, it was the Reality. Still I don’t believe it. What are the tools that we use to sculpting our life? It’s that simple – thought. I have to change the way of viewing things, the way I make concept of things, the way I assume them. And I am hopeful, it will work – I can change the way I think. Think a good thought, think a positive thought, and always be alert whether you are thinking something nasty, and say to oneself – oh! I am not to think this thought. Rouse inner Guide. Think thought of wellness, goodness, benevolence, care, love, prosperity, harmony, peace (all bright side) etc. If there is chaos inside (me), it is sure I am sculpting a vagabond me. “No, No! Stop, Stop!” I am telling my mind not to think that thought. These all and everything were out of the dimension of my understanding level, though I was sticky to it. May be you know now how stubborn and silly I am.


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