The Reality

The Reality that counts first in its place is this world of duality; dark and light, hot and cold, right and left, good and bad, high and low, up and down, woe and joy, hunger and food and most interesting – visible and invisible. These are but few of thousand opposite pole. If one pole is there to exist, the other pole must also exist. Visible and invisible can be like outer and inner of a human. Outer is our physical body, it’s visible and inner is our Self, it’s invisible. For this there is a formula too; as inside so outside; as above so below. I like to use this formula to mine; as my “self” so I am. My “self” is determined by my thought. That means, my thought designs me, my life, prosperity, love, success, status and even links (connection with other people of same thought). So I can change my outer (life) by changing my inner (Self). To change “self” means to change my DOMINANT thought. The subject sought by many. But there is a question – how to change it? Can Meditation help me to change? There were such some questions which made me sticky with this subject.


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