Life Is Pushed To Margin

When tussle inside (#) was creating havoc, life was pushed to margin. In such cases, anybody would either destroy their lives by immersion of oneself at the sea of addiction (No to Drugs : Yes to Life Please!) or by plunging into big water. There was no hope of Turning Up. In both ways there was no life. But if anybody tries, that’s rebirth, thereafter they will start living life. That was true. I can realize this since I have worst experience of such situation. Then somebody tapped at back. The person told somebody that he was lost in the beauty of nature, immediately somebody replied- I know, what you want at this time and at this place. You wanted to be lost in the beauty of nature forever. The person confessed silently. “You don’t know the art of living. Learn Meditation. Don’t end up life now. Live it to full extent.”
Again, “We sometimes watch in the pool and assume that the cloud is moving there, but that is the reflection of the sky. Cloud is on the sky. “Tussle Inside” is not exactly tussle happening inside, that’s reflection. Tussle is Outsider. Mind is Insider, like mirror where we see that reflection. Tussle is moving outside on the sky but seems inside us. The reality is different.”
I wanted to know the reality that day.


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