I Have Double Mind

marigold-flowersI have experienced that I have double Mind in myself, my very personal experience; I don’t know about you and others. One mind provokes me to do the things which, if done shows disgusting aftermath. It brags and forces me to do wrong things, always. The other mind sits silent after it speaks out once. It doesn’t bark at me, just speaks softly. I named the former one the Negative Mind and the later Positive Mind. Sometimes these two mind debate and I fall in a big dilemma. They put me in ordeal. At the beginning it was difficult to know which side of the mind was speaking, Negative side or Positive side? I always tried to listen to Positive Mind. But sometimes I mistook Negative Mind as Positive.

Once I was forced to pluck a flower in a garden, I knew that was Negative Mind forcing me to do this. I tried to stop but the potent of the Negativity sometimes raises higher than the Positive side, I knew thence. Just I plucked a flower, the gardener appeared and spewed few bitter words at me. I apologized. I regretted, felt guilty whole day long.

Sometimes I listen to the Positive Mind. I feel happy go lucky whole day long.

I always try to listen to the Positive Mind, I practise this while learning “Observation” and “Concentration” because the Negative Mind has misguided me so many times. Meditation has helped me construct Positive Mind and eliminate Negative Mind, yet, however I still feel tussle in myself. We have to tackle our mind with positive force. I will share with you in coming days how I did and moreover I would like to hear from you about such state of mind. TRY TO LISTEN TO THE POSITIVE MIND. HAVE A GREAT DAY AHEAD.


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