Subject Of Meditation

In my view – Meditation is a state of Sleep. I mean – Not thinking about anything means Sleeping. We do not think while sleeping or in some severe (physical/mental) condition. But Meditation is something more than sleeping at ease. Taming of Mind by doing different exercises is the process towards Meditation in which we can say Piano Learning or Music Playing also can be included since it is the subject of FOCUS and at this peak time all thoughts flow in one direction. Flowing of all thoughts in one direction is the subject of Concentration which we should learn before Meditation. Keep mind free from worries, tussles, tensions is an act of FOCUS towards goodness, positive side of life. When we start looking towards bright side or positive side of creation, negativities are slowly eliminated. We give full FOCUS while learning Piano (or anything like act, play, sports, music, art etc.) which results in accumulating positive energy that propels us (learner) towards culmination and that’s what our achievement is – creation. Is not this generated (creation) by the power of Meditation? Meditation is supportive for creation. Hence I am fully agree with Ioana’s blog. Thanks a lot. Check her blog out – please click the link below:-


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