How I Did Learn Tackling My Mind

Once I had almost given up, until I was accepting that the Mind is Stronger than a person. I learnt from very petty tasks. You may laugh hearing this. I had chocolate fervor but I wanted to control my Mind. I purchased some Yummy Chocos and kept in my pocket for more than four hours and then gave out to some other boys. I did this for many times. I was learning to control my Mind. I was making my Mind less stronger; my Mind should not be stronger than I am. Here I won, this was a small victory. Likewise I gave up smoking in 2 days of time. I had a bet with my childhood friend. He had told me he could never give up smoking. My reply to him was – If you have will, you can. After 20 years, he fell sick (I got message) and when a doctor asked him to choose life or smoking (death); he has chosen life. I want to visit him in this winter vacation and ask him whether he could recall the old story. I do not bet but I can do.

Once in my peak teenage, I was addicted to tea and coffee. I could go crazy if I did not get tea or coffee in time. When I altered my thinking, at 3 pm, magnetic flavor of coffee was ineffective to me. I tried from Chocos to my own body-part. My temple  was attracting my hand as if there was some insect moving at my temple. I instructed my hand not to move even an inch.  Neither I shook my head nor did I touch my temple with my hand. After 10 minutes, I felt that everything was normal.

Rome was not built in a day; but if you try, slowly and gradually you will reach to the destination. You can also try your ideas like mine and if you have such ideas, please feel free to share with me. You can write to me at or in the comment box.

I have more stories to share with you. Have a pleasant time! See you soon.


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