Watch the breath

We are trying to Strengthen our Observation Power by “Engulfed Watch” or by “Stare at Candle Flame” that we learnt. We have to continue this exercise for at-least one week.

On the other hand, few people cannot Stare at the candle flame (because of eye irritation), neither they can do Engulfed Watch. For them I would like to suggest the following exercise:-

Please sit comfortably, spine straight, close both of your eyes and now watch breathing with your inner eyes. Incoming and outgoing of air – watch from nostrils to throat and down; from there back to the nostril again. Do not watch the air while outside. Watch that air only when within you. You may not know but just can realize air come and go in you. If you love to do hand posture, please look at the pic., hand posture will help you to realize come and go of the breath, may be it will be more helpful to you. Please do this exercise for at least one week. It will help us to Strengthen our Observation Power.


(Pics. are drawn on computer by oneself.)


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