First Hand Exercise

First I suggest everybody who is ready to sit, sit on a dining chair and put a burning candle on the dining  table. (Regarding Sitting Posture I refer my previous content). Place it in its candlestick, at a distance of 2-3 feet from your face. Light the candle. It’s flame must be at the level of your eyes. Keep your spine straight, please don’t lean or bend. Please don’t bow down head or look at ceiling. Now watch the flame of the burning candle carefully, with full of your consciousness. Observe the flame. Try not to blink. (it is not possible at the beginning but just try.) Please be vigilant at the same time and check whether there are thoughts at the Mind’s screen or not. There must be zero thought. Be clever. Otherwise as you sit and stare at the flame, so the thoughts dance in the rampant behind your skin screen. At the beginning you may lose, but later your victory is ascertained. Try try until you open the door of spiritual and marvelous journey. When you start, you will start learning by yourself. This is the first step of Strengthening Observation Power. This exercise also helps you to improve vision of your eyes.

Note :- Please discontinue this exercise if you feel irritation on your eyes.


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