Time to sit for Meditation

Again there was a question of perfect time to sit for Meditation. I can easily say – morning and evening, everybody says so. But people who have shift duty cannot manage this time. Office goers may manage but not everyone. So, whenever you are free and willful to do this wonderful task of doing nothing (Just sitting silent), just do it. Only the thing we must be sure is that we should keep the disturbances like music, bright light, gossiping people around, smoke, stark smell or anything that is irritating for you out (in the Meditation Hall/Room) at the beginning days*. When we determine to learn Meditation, we should be sticky to it. Whatever the timetable, but when you are free, practise it twice in a day. Each 15 minutes of time is enough to start. Day before yesterday – done, yesterday- done, today – feeling lazy, tomorrow – I may do; if your routine is like this then I am darn sure you are not learning Meditation instead you are doing something else like Time-pass. Create better environment at your home so that you can learn Meditation at your ease every day. In Meditation Centre mostly morning and evening timings are fixed.Please do what time and where is better for you to learn Meditation.

Best Wishes.


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