Strengthen Observation Power

concentration1At the beginning days of learning concentration, though I was “sitting silent”, my mind wasn’t there where I hope it ought to be. I always found it hovering at random. My eyes were closed but ears open. There was pin-drop silence in the DHYANA (Meditation) room, but in contrary there was a big chaos in my inner room. I tried to concentrate – within a second Mind overcomes, ‘mobile apps, messages, office-task, quackery smile of that beautiful lady, yesterday’s food, so many things were there in my skull in the form of thought. I had to improve the condition of inner Sound Pollution from worst to good >to better> to best, but I surrendered. This happens with everybody, I am sure. But do not give up. There is something more to explore. What I need to do was to Strengthen my Observation Power. I want to share the story with you how I did it.

But one-thing I say is sure – don’t trust me since whatever I am sharing here with you all is based on my own experience.


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