You don’t need to change anything

Some people complained regarding Meditation, I took that seriously since the matter of complain seemed rather sensitive. They said that they were not readily apt for the change. To practise Meditation is not to accept another Religion and relinquish one’s, neither it is alike adopting an alien culture. What do they need to change then? In their Daily Routine they need to make a small gap like 15 minutes in a day or twice in a day for “Sitting Silent”. No need to change anything.

Here I am agree that in the society or community where such practice was not done ever before, people from such community may take it awkward. They can take things need to be changed. You can keep everything the same, there is no need of changing anything.

But I am sure that this practice will bring a heavy change towards goodness of your life, your family and also your community. So, may be, we should accept this important update in our “Daily Routine”.


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